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It’s Simple! When you go to the dealership or a car lot, they may do everything in their power to get you financed, but ONLY on one of their cars that are in stock.¬†This usually means that they can only get you financed on a few specific vehicles, which is great if you like that specific vehicle and it fits your budget. But what if it doesn’t? Car Credit Pensacola has access to multiple inventory bases including our own units and financing options. Make sure you know ALL of your options before you commit to a purchase.

Our inventory resources are NOT limited to just local dealerships, but a vast network of privately owned vehicles, private and public auctions, and in stock inventory throughout the gulf coast region. If it is possible to put you in a specific vehicle at a specific finance arrangement, we can make it happen.

Car Credit Pensacola matches local car buyers who are having difficulties purchasing a car or getting financed with different programs that are better suited for their situations. We are not restricted or confined by typical lender guidelines or dealership hassles.

We don’t need to run your credit to let you know what your options are. Whether you are looking for a specific type of car or have a set income and just need a reliable vehicle to fit your budget, our resources can let you know exactly what is out there for you. We work with people on a personal basis and understand that no two car buying situations are the same. If we can’t get you financed through a typical lender on a vehicle from a local dealer, we will meet with you personally to see about financing you out of pocket.


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